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Level 3

Tingkat ke-3 program Novakid ditujukan bagi anak 10-11 tahun. Fokus dari program tersebut adalah bukan hanya untuk memperluas kosakata dan mempelajari tata bahasa tingkat tertinggi, tetapi juga memberikan anak kesempatan unik untuk memandang mata pelajaran biasanya melalui prisma Bahasa Inggris! Program ini mencakup pelajaran CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), yaitu pelajaran geografi, matematika, kimia, sejarah, dll dalam bahasa asing. Saat menyelesaikan tingkat ke-3, anak bisa mengambil ujian setingkat A1 (YLE Movers) (Berbicara dan Mendengarkan).

Daftarkan kelas uji coba
  • Communication skills

    Pada akhir tingkat ke-3 siswa bisa:

    • speak about what another person wears usually / now
    • speak about favorite school subjects
    • discuss weekend plans and plans for the nearest future
    • compare planets
    • speak about favorite films and actors, food, places and seasons
    • speak about the life of various animals
    • speak about talents of family members
    • speak about your hobbies and daily activities
    • speak about different professions
    • speak about diseases and their treatment
  • Vocabulary

    Students expand vocabulary on the following topics:

    • clothes
    • school subjects
    • time indicators
    • animals
    • everyday activities
    • calendar dates
    • food
    • amount of something
    • flavours
    • professions
    • places
    • hobby
    • diseases
    • personal preferences
  • Grammar

    Level 3 grammar includes the following definitions and structures:

    • Present Continuous Tense (what's happening right now)
    • difference between Present Continuous and Present Simple
    • adverbs of frequency (always, usually, sometimes)
    • conjunction "but"
    • going to structure (intentions)
    • time indicators
    • comparative and superlatives of adjectives and adverbs
    • ordinals
    • Past Simple tense
    • difference between Past Simple and Present Simple
    • countables and uncountables
    • identifiers of amount (much / little / a few)
    • question words
    • punctuation marks ? / !
    • relative pronouns
    • prepositions of motion
    • modal verbs (must / mustn't / have to)
  • Reading

    Siswa bisa membaca, termasuk kata-kata yang tidak diucapkan sesuai tata baca. Membaca teks sederhana dan menjawab pertanyaan untuk memeriksa pemahaman

  • CLIL classes

    Does your child hate Math? Does History seem hard? Or maybe falls behind in Geography? For true English fans, nothing is impossible! Take a look at familiar school subjects in a new way! Exciting and informative CLIL lessons (Content and language integrated learning) will give your child the opportunity to dwell into the world of numbers and logic, continents and landscapes, the most important historical events and inventions of mankind, making the most out of the skills acquired at Novakid.

    Teachers discuss the following topics with students:

    • Mathematics (origin of Arabic numbers, mathematical tricks, puzzles)
    • Weather around the world
    • Landscapes
    • You are what you eat! (basics of proper nutrition)
    • Geography (South Africa and New Zealand - what they are known for)
    • The history of telecommunications (from drums to mobile phones, how does an emoticon differ from an emoji)
    • 60s (what came before the invention of the Internet)
    • Dinosaurs! (types, habitat, version of the causes of extinction)
    • Environmental protection (global warming what will happen if ...)